Friday, December 30, 2011

someone like him

In age we start to understand

Bertahun-tahun I marahkan him.I blamed him for everything.Well,I terima ketentuan ini even it's hard.Bila bersalah dng Tuhan,bersujudlah memohon keampunan dariNya kerana Dia maha pengampun dan bila bersalah sesama manusia,pergila pd that person and begged for the forgiveness.But it's hard for me to said that difficult word.It's hard to say I'am sorry.I left him for Bang Hj and Ash.Dasar stupid!

And today,i heard that he's finally found the right women and about to settle down gitu.Wyh suddenly I jealous tak memasal ye?When I left him dulu sangat la tragedy ok then when I menikah dng Ash,separuh gila him jadinya.Sentap i tau.Is it because that am sewel?Then ntah mcm mana boleh pulak I teringat his birthday was 3 days ago.I pon apa lagi kan,grabbed my phone and text him.Almost a year juga I tak kawan him cause one of my desperate janda friends yg dahagakan kote jantan telah menyampaikan rumoured melaga-lagakan both of us.

Biah:happy belated birthday.the excitment already gone


What the karut wishes?Sure la he's confuse dng cakap-cakap merapu I itu.Excitment apa kejadahnya?Ok la,I jealous because my marriage was a disaster.Because am not happy with my life.Because am regret.Menyesal I tinggalkan him dulu.That time I memang hangin satu body dng him,yes memang la ada issue between us kan if not I won't simple left him after 10 years becinta bagai nak rak.If I menikah dng him sure I tak menderita body and soul like now,at least I still can have my own space:bergossip dng Tipah and the comolot friends,bershopping mcm org gila,spend more times dng my family and banyak lagi la but sadly it's too little too late for me.I can't unbreak his heart.I suck!I miss u boo(his current gf call him "bubu")

I do believed that love could last for a lifetime

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