Monday, December 19, 2011


I don't have so much things to tell about my entah bila happy ending marriages life in this blog today. Not because there are no heartbreaking words or perlakuan yang memualkan from my poor darling Ash but too much has been going around specially on weakened.He was spending the whole day infront of his pc while i has to juggeling with this puaka house matters macam org baru kematian laki.I can't sleep last night then i lie awake and watch he sleeping in the dark.he's slept like an angle gitu,so calm and suci.Dalam hati i terus berdoa for the sake of our marriages.Put a faith in God.

Currently we're in Tanah Malaya sibuk bersoksek2 and cock talking about tis fella,Ariff Alfian Rosli.Medical student yang telah meng lost contact kan dirinya nun jauh di Dublin sana.The saddest part is when his parent sibuk la mencari tis fella siang malam and ditambah lagi dengan problem about tis fella term loan issue yang mencecah almost 1 millon itu.Therefore penyebaran tis fella wedding ceremony and his gay partner pictures yang kunon2nya was in church itu.Sungguh baik kan our society punya moral,maklumlah tak kena kat batang hidung sendiri.And as usual,bersusun tingkatla comment2 yang sungguh bijak pandai alim from our society yang sangat penyayang ini.Especially di blog2 and laman so sial fakebook.Masing2 duk berlumba2 bagi comments and menjatuhkan hukum.Well i not trying to say that what tis fellla had done was right or wrong apatah lagi nak menyumbangkan pendapatan i.But as a mother,i guess i do understand what tis fella parents had gone through especially his mother.Disini,i doakan semoga tis fella parents and family tabah dengan ujian ini and for tis fella,i wish he will bertemu jalan pulang and kembali padaNya.

I didn't talk or even sms to Abg Hj since his birthday that day.I don't know why?To be frank,tak ada gunanya pon i terus ber keep in touch with tis Abg Hj.So i guess this is the best solution for our lovehate friendship.At least before my pms berambus away.Keep silence la dulu kan.Apa lagi ye?I'll be back to my parents house tomorrow after berbulan2 tak balik,biasa la when comes to his turn rindu bayangan dng bau ketiak his mum,dan2 tu jugakla nk balik KL.Sanggup ambil leave segala but it's ok la cause at least i can get some fresh air juga finally if not dudukla dalam rumah puaka ni day angd night.Well,i miss my both parents actually.

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