Friday, July 13, 2012

Centa Lama

I'am not gila bayang not yet gila talak but I just mengingati kenangan kenangan yang boleh buat I tersenyum agar I tak melupakanya.


hi sayang abg,
Tq for spending time with me today, i'm so sorry for being late and abg hope you jangan buat muka kat abg ok sayang :o).You're so adorable with your spec. Actually abg tengok aje you dengan spek tu,and with the outfit you wear..hmmm you really know how to make me loose my mind over you ye sayang :o) and i love you for it.

Even we spend just a few hours but it was a quality time tht we spent together, next time kita gi tgk movie k sayang. Like abg told you, abg really looking forward to see you in your doctorate robe..and i will be the most happiest man alive to see you in tht costume. But apa pun..we take it a step at a time k baby, make sure you pass with flying colors.Finish your degree first then we think the master program pulak k..and abg hope you wont give up half way. But if you want to rest b4 you continue your master pun ok juga..but it depends on the situation la kan :o)

Sayang tau tak, why abg love you so much?

1. you accept me the way i am..and that really melt my heart coz even at my can still see my true feelings inside me but not my age.

*yes,centa itu buta,sama buta dengan mata I*

2. You're so mature even you not notice it,mature in handling a man like me sbb kadang tu abg more like a kid to you but you still entertain my character..and i love you for that.

*mature la sangat*

3. **** willing to do anything just to be with me even when you have to cancel your class just because you want to be with me..abg really appreciate it very..very much sayang..and i love you for that.

*oh tis part I regret sangat sangat.Awat nya p gatai skip class segala biah oi if not every semester I dapat dl,kan Pah?*

4. **** manja :o)..and you know when to show it and you know how to do it without making abg rimas ..and i love it so very much.

*please don't muntah ye,Pah*

5. **** very open about your relantionship with the others and that make me more comfortable but even abg jealous but at least i know you dont keep secret behind me..and i love you for that.

*cause I'am not kaki kelentong like you bang,centa cakap tak centa*

6. **** always ensure abg that you wont leave me no matter what..and you do it just to make me feel secure and abg really appreciate it..and that make me love you more.

*sorry la cause finally I left you jugak but please don't forget tis,I tinggal you demi kebahagiaan you and the binik*

7. **** not only pretty but you also very smart, and to me that is sexy. But abg consider myself lucky cause i got a good package..the brain and definately your beautiful face.

*blush kejap,puih...I ni tak hade la cantik macam janda Tom Cruise or tak juga sexy macam Pamela Anderson Malaya but then of course la I lagi gorgeous than Kak Hapam kembang ithu*

8. Abg rasa you're meant to me, and definately you're made in heaven for me and just me..thank you baby for being in me even at the later age of me. But i believe it happen for a reason and both of us happy. And that makes things more meaniful kan sayang..i love you so very much.

*tu la you rasa je but you never make an efforts pon tak habis habis la duk risaukan binik you but am glad it was over*

Thank you baby for being there for me..



I had a long chat with the Hj last morning (jantan biasa la,after I mengungkit ungkit his janji palesu baru la terhegeh hegeh nak tipon tanya khabar,kawan baik la konon).He tells me,yesterday abg p to my friend's funeral,sedih cause my friend tu muda lagi dan anak anak depa kecik kecik pulak tu.Mulut I yang laser ni nak je cakap,"then bawak bawak bertaubat la bang cause mati tu tak kenal usia" but siapalah I ni kan.Tis Hj's bapak mertua is the imam so let the bapak mertua yang membimbing him kejalan yang benar.

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